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Daniel Oropeza spacer Daniels maverick style of thinking, working and creating has brought forth a new medium. As a master of creating textures Daniels deeply moving soulful sense of beauty, combined with his scientific fascination, has taken this artist wherever his imagination could go. Welding and experimenting with the liquidity of steel is where his vision began. He said to himself "Seemed like everything had to get hot first". Daniel was not interested in doing what others had done or, in his opinion, had already mastered. He was following a way of being inside his thread of interests, even his mistakes, for these too became paths to creative possibilities. Being told what couldn't and shouldn't be possible, fueled his focus to experiment. The addition of glass became his new frontier. How do you fuse glass to metal, shape it before it cools, weld all the pieces together with bronze, without cracking the glass and capturing the varying intense colors of red.

Daniels imagination and talent resulted in yet another new technique. Even now, seventeen years later, he is in his studio in Costa Mesa, California, imagining and creating his next self-imposed challenge. He calls his artwork "Organic Elegance". While the photos of his sculptures are magnificent, they do not come close to the ineffable feeling of being in the presence of his art.

View Daniels Art at danieloropeza.com or contact him at 949.650.6169 or e-mail: danieloropeza@live.com

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